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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 11, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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♪ chocolate. xxxx. hi, i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos "right this minute." some high-tech thieves go to work on an atm. >> are they trying to roto rooter the thing. >> wait until you see what they are trying to do. >> because it definitely got the job done. >> clean it with alcohol. >> she's only four but brave enough to -- >> give herself an injection. >> hear her story and why her mom wants this video out there. two deer decide to wander down the dock and come along for the ride. see the party in slow mowing on a pontoon. plus monday's buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini and
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a drug deal that's only a prank. >> want pot? >> yeah. >> you've got it in the bag? >> yeah, man. >> what happens when the security guard is not in on the joke. >> something tells me these guys aren't entering their pin number. this is in italy at an atm. two guys looking like they are about to rob this thing. look at all the different tools they use in this process. this is not just your typical smash and grab. >> they try to roto rooter the thing. >> wait until you see what they are trying to do. then they bring this other item over and this red cloth they kind of jam into the atm. >> is that a vacuum where they suck out the money? >> that's what i thought. >> after they load it up with their different equipment and step away -- >> some sort of explosive they jammed into the atm. you see the thing in smithere
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smithereens. you see the explosion take the door off and you see one guy with a striped jacket come from the right side of the screen and they start to go to work on this damaged atm. >> this is hard core. this is not like the people who try to put the atm in their truck. this is a well thought out plan obviously. these guys put some thought into it. >> i think i know what they did here. that black hose is probably a gas line of some sort. they probably have a tank nearby. the red line is the spark or admission. they put the gas in with the black hose. the red rag they are stuffing in is keeping the gas inside. hold the hose out when they think they have enough sparks and that goes down the red line and goes up. at the end of the video you see one guy pick up black boxes, takes off. you can only believe that's where the money is contains inside the atm. this is probably one of the coolest encounters we've had on this show. in minnesota steve and his buddy
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went on a ride on a pontoon. notice here on the side of the screen -- >> a deer. >> two of them, young deer. they are curious little guys. so curious they start walking down the dock. >> no way. >> and they get on the pontoon and come along for the ride? >> oh. >> the video claims they food was used to comers them or incentivize them to jump on the pontoon. once they were on there they took off, went for a ride. >> they weren't scared at all. maybe they haven't learned yet they need to be scared of humans. >> i'd be worried once we got out into the water they would be scared and jump. >> no, these guys were gentle and curious and kind. they didn't freak out and jump in the water. >> that same day steve had another encounter. a pelican got really close to
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them, so he took one of the fish and he fed it to the pelican. >> one bite. that's how we do it. >> fish are like flopping around. >> all the same day. >> the same day. >> what? this is the same day. >> he claims the pontoon was early in the day. later they went out to fish. >> a relationship with nature. >> he doesn't need to fish, just sits on the edge of the water and the fish dive up into his lap. >> so i've got two dash cams for you. the first one, see this red car come and pass the car. get out of shape on the slippery roads. >> this girl got lucky twice in the span of maybe three seconds. >> wow. >> watch that again. you see the car get crazy and slide around. just barely miss her. >> oh, boy. >> she's frozen there for a
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while. she turns around like did anybody just see that. >> what do you do next, keep walking, going where you're going. >> be very careful. >> onto our second dash-cam. the guy goes around the left-hander. heads up. >> holy moly, flew up on the hood of the car. >> looks like too much speed, a side car, goes wide or headlong into the car and right up onto the windshield and then nothing. >> it almost looked like he didn't even try to get out of the way. maybe he didn't have enough time. >> a few minutes later you see people on the phone making phone calls. according to the description under this video, they claimed that the guy riding the motorcycle was drunk and he said he was not injured. we're seeing him walk around here. that's crazy to me. two seconds ago we saw his head on the hood of this car. all right, everybody. it's monday and we're giving
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away another ipad mini in just a little while. >> remember, need monday's buzzword and you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> hang with us. monday's buzzword is coming up. >> good luck, everybody. >> here is the shot. >> you guys are looking at one brave little 4-year-old. this is brinely davidson. in this video you're looking at her give an
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>> 4 years old and mom only has to help >> in a way i think she's less scared because she does it herself. when the doctor comes in, that's scary. has he a needle and he's in control of you. she's in control so it's less scary. >> her mom captured the video and spread it because she wanted her story to affect other young people that might be dealing with a similar daily situation to help other kids feel great. >> you did such a good job. >> i hope you feel better. don't get sick anymore. we're doing this so you can see how i be brave. >> you are brave. maybe this will help some other kids. >> every kid goes to the doctor now is like, can i take care of that. >> doc, i got this. give it to me. >> brinly even has a facebook page where people can go and comment about how they have been
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inspired by her video. as you can see, she's already impacted lots of people. >> okay. say bye. >> bye. >> she's headed out to make a snow angel in her bikini. you can hear she's not having fun. see what she's stripping down in the cold next. on the web you know him as the kid president. but wait until you hear his story. >> there's no way this kid -- >> see the story behind the kid who is somebody, mr. kid president on "right this minute."
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i think it's safe to say we've all seen this viral video of the kid president. >> the world needs to stop being boring. boring is easy.
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aren't we all on the same team? i mean really, right? i'm on your team. be on my team. this is nice people. it's time to do something. >> these videos all started when robbie did a promotion for the annual benefit dinner and they were featuring condoleezza rice. he asked robbie novak and his brother-in-law brad montague, why don't you guys keep making videos to inspire people. one thing you need to know about robbie, he has a brittle bone disease. >> since i was born, i've had over 70 breaks. >> the idea for kid president came from robbie resilient
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spirit. >> what does resilient mean? >> honestly, he's great. how can you not watch this and smile. that video, i've watched it several times. his spirit is contagious. >> i dreamed we can make the world better by not doing bad stuff, not being bad. we need to be cool and be better. i have a dream everybody can be nice. >> need to be cool and make the world better. that's a great motto. >> there's no way this kid doesn't grow up to be somebody. >> he already is somebody. certainly just being the person that he is, just being around him, i'm sure, will change the lives of others. >> what's all these friends.
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>> i'm going to show you guys school spirit south africa style. ♪ >> what we're looking at are the opening ceremonies to a major athletic event that happens every year between four african high schools. >> i'm really mesmerized by what they are doing. >> do you know how they are doing it? >> no. they are basically wearing white shirts under black jackets. they open and close their jackets. >> this is so incredibly choreographed. >> they rehearsed for days to prepare for this. it starts to get different. then a couple comes down and starts singing chapel of love. ♪ going to the chapel ♪ going to get married ♪ foet. >> what's interesting, they have
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done this in languages. >> they sing pink's song. ♪ >> they sing katy perry's "fireworks." ♪ fireworks >> it's amazing how they morph into all these different shapes and words. be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. roxie is a jazz artist, a singer. >> an online competition when artist votes. if you get me to fourth place, i will do a snow angel in my bikini. >> that's a little different than just a plain old snow
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angel. >> her fans responded. as you see here -- >> roxie coughlin. >> they got in third place, so now she has to deliver. >> oh. >> i'm cold watching. >> you know what, i have to say, she could have done a couple more rotations of the snow angel. >> i agree. i don't think it was completely defined. >> you know what, though, she was in a bikini. she made good on her promise. her fans got to see her in a two-piece. she laid down on the snow bare backed, which has got to be cold. you can distinctly see it's an angel. i'm impressed. >> the first place winner is going to get $10,000 for an album. party time. let's go. monday. mack day. >> the day we show you three
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questionable videos. >> what? >> see them and find out. >> real. totally real. >> definitely fake. >> want a shot at winning an ipad mini? we've got
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everybody's favorite part of monday. it's time to check in with matt for real estate time. hey, mack. >> monday, mack day. >> start with the first video,
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disabled gold fish. >> what? >> it looks like the little gold fish got some kind of device to help it swim. >> how does it help? >> looks like a plastic harness. >> that's probably what it is. gold fish are known to have issues with buoyancy. sometimes when they lose it, they wind up sinking to the bottom. this owner loved her gold fish so much, she made a harness. >> like a princess of the sea. >> never thought a gold fish would have a lifejacket. >> real? >> real. >> what about you? >> i'm going to confirm this is real. some call him a bionic fish. >> going to the next video, weird singing can. >> that's so weird. this is real because it's dry. >> it's a warm drink. they put it on the dry, it's going to turn to gas. >> the chemical reaction is putting off that noise. >> i think it's vibrating
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against the cooler. that's what's giving it that vibration. an energy drink? >> i think anything in metal would work. >> dry ice, warm metal touching dry ice. we've. >> real. >> real. >> team science. >> meanwhile at the factory. >> whoa! >> i love this video and wish this was real. >> it started off, i thought it was like a tornado coming in. >> no, it's the transformer. >> i'm disappointed it did the dove step. how white guys dance at weddings. >> shaking his groove thing. >> definitely fake. i don't believe this is real. >> i believe in magic. this isreal. >> this is a really digitized video. real. >> this is probly better than anormers >> just because these two dogs
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don't have their front legs doesn't mean they don't have something to offer society. >> we first heard about it seven years ago. they were looking for a home for him. >> this is can do. he was adopted by this couple. a woman needed to give lucy up. they sought a couple out. they wanted lucy to be in a home where people were used to a dog that didn't have front legs. as you can see these dogs have adaptive devices and they are therapy dogs. >> you first go in the room, the general reaction is just faces will light up, see smiles from the family. >> this is fantastic. it proves you can do anything. little kangaroos. >> what's so interesting is how patients really take to these dogs. >> he's soft and gentle, calming. >> pretty good life. >> how many of us would love to
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have dogs that get held and petted every day. >> i wonder if they know they are different than other dogs. they look happy. >> they are in a house with dogs that have all four. they don't hold it against them. they are all friends. >> all right, everybody. it's ipad mini giveaway time. >> you're going to need monday's buzzword. don't forget you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> when we give you the buzzword, head to the facebook page. if you're using a tablet or mobile device, go to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> let's do this thing. the monday buzzword is dinosaur. head to"right this minute" and click on win an ooind mini button. >> enter monday's bud word, dinosaur. that's d-i-n-o-s-a-u-r to win an ipad mini. good luck, everyone. the deal is going down and it's all caught on camera. >> keep your eyes on the guy in
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the yellow shirt. >> see what's all kind of twisted next.
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there's a dirty little secret at a downtown tokyo restaurant. if you order a six-course meal, part of that meal will be made with dirt. >> do people know this? >> they do know this. if you're going for that earthy organic flavor the chef will give it to you. the six-course meal starts with
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a bit of soil soup. >> soil soup? >> finished up with soil sorbet and one of our favorite dishes, potato balls covered in dirt with a truffle center. >> this guy is fooling everybody. he's like, you know what, i've got a whole bunch of dirt in the back. i'm going to make a fancy dirt menu, let's see if these people will try it. >> they do and they will end up with worms in their symptom ac. >> don't worry. the chef says he screens the dirt to make sure there's nothing dangerous in it for you. he also makes sure there's no sand. he says it's all organic material. >> his next dish will be a sandwich. >> doggie go-round.
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>> before we start this, guys, i've got a question. you guys want some -- >> no. >> no. >> the cameras representative rolling. >> no. >> from outside. can you put this in a centerpiece. that is what this prank video is all about from the guys at public pranks. >> any of you guys want to buy a little pot? >> one guy is like, listen, man, i carry a badge. i can have you arrested. >> did you say a little pot? >> hey, i have a badge. i can get you arrested right now if you want to. >> no. >> hold, hold, hold. >> them they pull a little pot out of the bag. the next guy they talk to really disappointed. watch >> sure. >> all right.
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[ laughter ] >> what's up, man? >> keep your eyes on the guy in the yellow shirt. >> want any pot? >> yes. >> got it in the bag. >> they do the little hand-off. right when the security guard goes in, what are you doing? >> a little pot. >> go to and click on "best of rtm." >> that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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